“What do you mean ‘talk about sex’? I already explained the birds and the bees! Aren’t my kids too young? What will I say? HELP!

It’s not always easy to talk about sensitive topics like sexuality and relationships, but it is always important. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there to support your needs. Your family depends on you for information about your beliefs, values and expectations related to sexuality and their decision-making. Research shows that young people who feel connected to their family and clearly understand their family’s values concerning sexuality are more likely to avoid risk-taking behaviors, like early sexual activity.

So take time today to think about what messages you want to share with the children in your life. Create an open environment to share your thoughts and listen to theirs. Use the resources below if you (or your child) need more information and remember, START TALKING TODAY!

As always, if you are looking for something specific we’re just an email or call away at 651-644-1447 or *protected email*!

Host a Let's Talk Event

Host a Let’s Talk Parent Education Event

We’re coming over!

Invite your friends, colleagues and family over to learn how to tackle the often awkward topic of sexuality in a safe and productive manner with the children in your life. You’ll have the opportunity to ask a local expert your individual questions and walk away with ideas, strategies and discussion topics. Parties can be scheduled anytime and are a great way to increase the sexual health of the teens in our communities.

Click here to schedule your house party, or call Katie Welch at 651-289-1380. Need help planning your party? Click here for our house party tool kit (PDF)!

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